You're an IT professional with a passion for Endurance Sports? - Join a new type of working environment. Seriously.


hybris is opening up a new type of office for an important reason: work-life balance for endurance athletes. Heard that phrase before? Well, we mean it. We believe that happy employees make the best employees. That's why we are building a new kind of workplace focused around this balance, specifically with endurance sports in mind.



Do you enjoy cycling, or swimming, or running in your free time? If so, we want to make those activities more accessible to you during the workday. No longer will you be confined to the weekend warrior stereotype.
We are looking to foster a culture of camaraderie, support for one another, and maybe a little competitive spirit as well. We want to work with like-minded people!

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We are seeking passionate, dedicated individuals to join us at our new office location situated in one of the most desired locations on the globe. We seek people who have an entrepreneurial streak and are committed to helping us improve multichannel commerce for our customers. We are looking for people who are experienced, talented professionals seeking exciting job opportunities in a city known as an outdoor playground.

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hybris is a leading e-commerce employer providing a unique lifestyle workplace that places emphasis on both work performance and athletic endeavors, extending beyond the typical 9 to 5 grind.
As a company, we stick to a core set of values, called the hybris Spirit. As leaders, we recognize that external influences and goals beyond work help make people tick.

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In exchange for your hard work, we want to show our employees how much we support them. Creating amazing products is our top priority, but we also provide some everyday perks unique in the industry.


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  • An on-site gym, featuring state of the art equipment
  • A place to store your bike at work so you can make it out on lunch rides
  • CompuTrainer bike trainers so you can train on your bike year-round, even when temperatures are below freezing outside

  • Close proximity to a local lap pool
  • Well thought out kitchens with details such as blenders to prepare your favorite smoothies
  • And most importantly, a flexible work schedule so you can enjoy all these perks



Ultimate schedule

  1. Soccer practice
  2. Drop the kids off at school
  3. Staff meeting
  4. Finish up core assignment
  5. Presentation
  6. Stop at the grocery store
  7. Get in a workout?... maybe tomorrow...
Sound familiar? Life can be complicated and crazy. Throw in a full time job and things can get downright chaotic.


Maximize your time

At hybris, we want you to be able to feel empowered to plan your work, life and training schedules so that you can maximize your time both in and out of work. At hybris, we don't want you to have to sacrifice your workout due to a simple obstacle such as loss of daylight during your busy day. Organize your schedule so that you get the workout done in the middle of the day, and then get your work done later.


Empower employees

Participation in endurance sports cultivates a particular lifestyle, and at hybris, we don't just get it, we encourage it.
Athletes are driven, committed, passionate, and focused.
Our vision is simple: Empower employees to determine the lifestyle that allows them to excel in their work, and in turn, provide them with the work environment that makes the desired lifestyle a reality.




About hybris



hybris delivers enterprise software and on-demand solutions for multi-channel commerce, master data management and order management that helps retailers, manufacturers, distributors, telcos and publishers of software, games and digital media to innovate, sell more and create perpetual digital relationships with their customers.


Technology-Forward Development

hybris is the fastest-growing independent provider of commerce software. We help companies around the globe sell more goods, services, and digital content through every touchpoint, channel and device. hybris enables "OmniCommerce": state-of-the-art master data management and unified commerce processes that give a business a single view of its customers, products, and orders, and gives its customers a single view of the business. At hybris, we are ahead of the technology curve.
We utilize cutting edge Java technologies with a specific emphasis on the Spring framework at the enterprise level. We create exciting, rich, and customized applications that stand apart from other e-Commerce platforms.We have an interest in getting our products to market quickly and efficiently, specifically with quality in mind. To make this happen, we operate in agile environments to plan, develop and execute our customer's projects. This exciting and fast-paced atmosphere is a full company effort and requires involvement from all areas of the organization, ranging from the portfolio level, to the program, to the individual product teams.
At hybris, we realize that customers' priorities can change and evolve over the course of a project. As an agile company, we want to be prepared for these situations. Implementing solutions in iterative and incremental cycles allows us to adapt quickly to customers' changing needs, desires, and ultimate satisfaction. hybris teams operate with these principles in mind. Product owners, scrum masters, and development teams work together closely to define user stories, release plans, and sprint backlogs with the fundamental goal of producing a high-quality, tested solution for our customers. (More on




I'm in, where do I sign?

Not a current Boulder resident? No problem. We're interested in candidates from all across the United States.
We're on the hunt for highly motivated, talented candidates, wherever your geographic location may be. If you fit this description, we'd like to hear from you!
The interview process will be conducted at various locations throughout the US, within existing hybris offices. Candidates selected for in-person interviews will travel to one of these locations to be further considered for positions in the Boulder office. Out-of-state candidates ultimately selected for jobs will be offered assistance in relocation to Boulder.

We are busy outlining future job opportunities.
Please check back soon for more openings at the Boulder, CO site.




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